top ten best the 90s tv shows that won hearts of audiences

top ten best the 90s tv shows

Todays we are here to talk about top ten the 90s tv shows which still attracting the fans and you should check out them at least once. So lets start the top ten the 90s tv shows

 So Weird – A teen girl  start traveling around the country continuously   stumbling over supernatural occurrences. No one  believe her, she posts what she finds on her website entitled “So Weird”. Its a super entertaining 90s tv series with IMDB ratings of 8.5 , you must give it a try .Star casts of this famous tv shows so weird –  Cara DeLizia, and Mackenzie Phillips in lead role along wit Patrick Levis and Belinda Metz. 

 tv shows so weird
so weird tv show

 Buffy the Vampire Slayer-  A good looking young woman destined to slay vampires  and  demons and associated creatures completely. She deals with her full life fighting evils and demons with the help of her friends and other family members. If you are a lover of mild horror flavour tv series then you must check out this the 90s tv shows Buffy the Vampire SlayerStart casts of this tv series Buffy the Vampire Slayer-  Sarah Michelle Gellar and Nicholas Brendon in lead role along with Alyson Hannigan and Anthony Head. 

 Buffy the vampire slayer
Buffy the vampire slayer

 The Wonder Years – the well known cast Kevin Arnold recalls growing up of his life during the late 60s and early 70s , the unstable  social times make his life the transition from child to adult unusually super interesting. You must check out this 90s tv shows if you love some of the biographical flavour of tv series . the 90s tv shows  The Wonder Years rated 8.5 on imdb. Star casts of The Wonder Years-  Fred Savage, Dan Laurid are in the lead role along with Daniel Stern and  Alley Mills

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The X Files -in this 90s tv series Two F.B.I. Agents, Fox Mulder who is a believer and Dana Scully who is skeptic of everything , investigate the strange , complicated and unexplainable , while the hidden powers work to impede their efforts  and ruin their lives . Imdb ratings 8.6  the 90s tv shows The X Files star casts are –  David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson are in the lead role along with  Mitch Pileggi and William B. Davis

 90s tv shows the x files
the x files

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Friends- how can we forget to mention the most popular tv shows friends . Still the casts of this tv series are beating the hearts of the fans . In this 90s tv show the casts  Follows the personal and their professional lives of six twenty to thirty-something year old friends while living in Manhattan . The 90s tv shows friends ratings is 8.6 on imdb . Star casts of the 90s tv shows friends are –  Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow the three famous ladies and  Matt LeBlanc and some other important characters .

  The New Batman Adventures – if you love the superheroes series then you are at right place . In this tv shows you will see The further and darker adventures of the most popular superhero Batman with a new Robin a  new closer association with Batgirl . this popular tv shows rated  8.5 on imdb . Star casts of the 90s tv shows The New Batman Adventures are kevin Conroy, Tara Strong in the lead role along with Mathew Valencia and  Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

A Baby Story– if you want to watch complete family pack then you should choose a baby story which is a top most 90s shows .  You will find here The stories of families and how their lives change completely when a new member is born in their family . A Baby Story tv shows Ratings is 8 on imdb .Star casts of this popular tv shows of A Baby Story are – Jen Remauro, Adam Frederick in lead role alone with Dianne Paukstelis and Pete Paukstelis

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 Jeopardy! – the 90s  tv shows jeopardy is a complete pack of comedy and a fiction story . A returning champion and two other challengers who test their buzzer skills in a game and their knowledge were tested in a wide range of academic and popular categories of other knowledge category .  Ratings is 8.2 on imdb . The star casts of this 90s tv shows are Alex Trebek, Johnny Gilbert in the lead role along with Jimmy McGuire and Sarah Whitcomb Foss. 

 Are You Afraid of the Dark?–  haha , this is not a question . This is the name of a famous 90s tv shows . A group of teens or you can say kids get together in the woods, and tell the ghost stories. the imdb Ratings is 8.2 . Star casts of the 90s tv shows are you afraid of the dark ? Are –  Ross Hull, Daniel DeSanto in the lead role along with  Raine Pare-Coull and Jodie Resther. 

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 Boy Meets World- if you want to watch a mystery and a knowledgable tv show then you must give this tv shows a try . An adolescent along with his two siblings tests his various theories of life and  as he endures the trials of growing alongside a good friend. Imdb  Ratings is  8.1 and the star casts of the 90s tv shows boys meets world are Ben Savage, Rider Strong in the lead role along with William Daniels and Betsy Randle

boys meets world
boys meets world

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