Boldy James – Dinavolino Lyrics new English song

Boldy James – Dinavolino Lyrics

Here we are back with an awesome song lyrics Boldy James – Dinavolino Lyrics new English song . Yeah , this is a latest track making people crazy and forcing them them on beats . Are you ready to rock on , yeeaahhh . Here we come back with Boldy James – Dinavolino Lyrics new English song . Below you will find the lyrics of this song Dinavolino Lyrics 

song credits

  • song name ; Dinavolino
  • artist ; boldy james
  • album; Dinavolino
Boldy James – Dinavolino Lyrics
Boldy James – Dinavolino Lyrics

Here is the lyrics of Dinavolino song by Boldy James

Out the milk crate back up in my rhyme book

Walking back up in the school asking niggas how my eyes look

It was just me and my brush

Keep it wavy baby boy, I ain’t playing with them toys

You can hear it in my voice bruv

You need to get your coins up

Should’ve made some better choices

Now you need to make an appointment

The point spread is too high to cover that line

You ain’t playing with house money, they’ll be in your house for me

Nah homie, just sink in the couch only

And we gonna’ confiscate the artwork

Shock you real quick, make your heart work

I don’t even care if it’s a 

I need to pick it all up

Back to twirling pasta like a real mobster

Mazda  slide the doors off pockets


I’m on the road not taken where it’s less traveled

These niggas know who’s not fake and I don’t juts babble

Rotating picking up 

Selling blows out of vacant, bagging up my next satchel

flipping on  


Looked out for niggas in need when I didn’t have to

it was less hassle

But when they try to violate your street, don’t let ’em trespass you

Ever been in a gun fight to the death battle?

When niggas playing both sides trying to 

?knight to free my rook, send my bitch at you

Push a pawn to move my queen then I left castle

Anything but Michigan place, they gon’ red flag you

Never answer none of the questions that the (?) ask you

Who all really gonna keep it G when they (?)

We need (?)

I been (?)on your bitch, burnt out on your bitch

I know some niggas RIP (?)

Remixing that (?)trapping with that (?)

Wonder Woman 1984 Movie

Serving J’s in the hood like we grew up off of D-block

Catching (?)slapping on (?)

Double was thinking ’bout moving back to Ohio

I know some niggas (?) cinco de mayo

Whipping up with that (?) it ain’t no cap in my bio

Trying to see how many pallets I can stack on this high-low

I really came up with (?)

(?) keep that 40 like a wino

Used to petal them black mags on my dino

Now we rocking exclusive Bape shit with baby milo

Bhag Khesari Bhag Film Khesari Lal Ke Film

I make decisions, niggas got to listen

I come from no pot to piss in

We could build a bridge or build it down

A hundred twenty messages and texts from my Mexican connect

It’s gonna’ be a second before this shipment lands

A bottle of that (?)

Niggas get locked then phone a friend

‘Cause you know we all going through change like homeless hands

At the (?) meeting my lawyer for lamb

(?) the plan

It’s getting warm outside, weather switching, the trees growing back with leaves

My body sense the money in the breeze

I (?) lost it

Them Valantine (?) shoes made

They said the devil bring the summer back crazy

Firm shit,  everybody crazy bro

Somebody gonna get shot, get robbed

Get domed, get done, get popped

Make the money then talk

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