so you people are here to know about us and our team. ok great ! you must know us . but one thing we want to tell you that we are from this planet only. haha just kidding . we are from a very simple background and we have a very big goal to satisfy our readers and subscribers of this blog. our goal is only that much so that any reader who is reading our blog must feel his time worthy by reading our content . we don’t want to be a rich or millionaire or something else .

our team

you can’t say that two people can make a team . yeah it true that to certain extent but we are committed to work like a team . myself and Anuranjan and this Aman . we are a hardworking people who are working towards their goal as mentioned earlier . both of us maintain our consistency and we day by day committed to improve our content .

our hobbies

our hobbies are of mostly same kind that is why we are working together . both of us are of avid lover of movies buff and tv series be it hindi or English . that is why we decided to make a website of movies and related stuff . so we expect that you all would not dissatisfied with our content .

happy reading